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The following is the useful information and regulations regarding the collective courses and private hours of the Sauze d’Oulx Project Ski School:



 Departure of the Clotes chairlift 20 minutes before the beginning of the courses, or upstream of the chairlift at our meeting point at the beginning of the lessons

Children must have a skipass, helmet, bib or Sauze Project uniform and the money necessary for lunch for courses lasting 5 hours

The meeting point at the start of the group courses may vary depending on the snow conditions and the safety of the slopes.



 The course in which your children have been enrolled leaves at the time established by the flyer.

The meeting 20 minutes before the departure of the Clotes chairlift is a facility, an attention and a kindness that the ski school gives to families to allow the operations of departure, embarkation and pairing with the teacher to be faster and allow your children to ski as much as possible

Please deliver your children within the scheduled time, in case of a slight delay, if communicated, we give the possibility to attend the course anyway. The latecomer will wait for his group in the meeting area in the company of a member of our staff and then be inserted normally.

NEVER PACK THE CHILDREN IN THE GUIDELINES in the absence of any staff member

The chairlift is part of the lesson hours

If the meeting points are reached independently before the scheduled times of the course the ski school will NOT be held responsible in case of problems.

We recommend:

Always entrust your children to a member of our staff, at the departure or arrival of the Clotes chairlift

Communicate if this is the first day of participation in the chosen course

Don't assume that there is always someone waiting in case of delay, call the secretary who will give you information on how to proceed.



The courses end at the departure of the Clotes chairlift at the scheduled time. However, you can recover your children before the end of the course at the bar La Sosta (near the green flag of the ski school).

Delivery time at the Stop varies from 5 to 30 minutes before. Obviously this depends on the level of the group, the technical choices of the master and any hitches that could happen eg. falls, loss of sticks or gloves, toilet breaks etc.

N.B. a group of low-level children will go to the Sosta bar much earlier than a higher level group

It is not necessary to notify the school or the teacher by telephone to communicate the withdrawal at the Sosta bar since the teachers stop by default.

In case you want to recover your children in other places along the Clotes track, please let the teacher know, write it visibly on the child's helmet and have them find you on the spot when the group passes. In your absence the teacher will take your child to the Clotes chairlift departure.

The maximum punctuality is recommended, to allow a regular performance of the following hours.

If you want your children to go home on their own, send an e-mail to the office with a disclaimer stating the name, surname and course in which the child is registered.



All children participating in the group courses MUST have a bib or uniform for the Formula Club and the Multi Sport.

The first bib is collected at the ski school and is FREE. In case it is forgotten or not yet withdrawn, it will be MANDATORY to take a replacement / provisional one at the beginning of the course, upon issue of a DEPOSIT of € 10, which will be returned upon redelivery exclusively to the ski school office.



For organizational reasons, the recovery of days lost during the Christmas period is not foreseen

For the recovery of days lost in the FULL PACKAGE courses (Club Formula, Week End Course and Multi Sport) the priority of recovery will be given to those who communicate the absence ONLY to the secretary ONLY in the following ways:

by e-mail by Thursday evening and by telephone by 6.00 pm on Friday evening

Absences communicated to the teacher, via e-mail on Friday or via social networks will NOT be accepted.

We remind you that the Week End Course, the Formula Club and Multi Sport are seasonal courses and the groups are formed at the beginning of the period, it is therefore possible to recover the days of absence only if you free a place in an appropriate level.

The same rule is also valid for those wishing to reverse the days of the weekend.



If you are unable to participate in a recovery established by the secretariat based on availability in the groups, the day will be calculated in any case and will be identified by the secretariat as: "RECOVERY DATE"



By "special package" we mean an inscription that does not comply with the flyer and that meets your personal needs, allowing you to set specific dates at the time of registration.

Registration dates for special courses cannot be changed after the first day of the course

Those who purchase a special package DO NOT have the right to recovery in the event of absence even if communicated.



 To be able to collect the Formula Club or Multi Sport uniform you must leave a minimum deposit of € 250.00

For those who participate in the Formula Club or special Multi Sport (alternate weekends, selected weekends etc.) the currency is included for the odds greater than or equal to € 1100.00

For Christmas courses, the balance must be paid no later than January 31st. After this date a 10% surcharge will be applied to the balance

For seasonal courses, the balance must be paid no later than the last day of plant opening. After this date a 10% surcharge will be applied to the balance

The 5% discount is applied for all those who pay by the evening of the first day of the course

Those who enroll 3 brothers in the courses will have a 20% discount on the course which costs less.



It is extremely advisable to write on your child's helmet or put your phone numbers in your pocket, even if already in possession of the ski school, to speed up calls in case of need. The number of the ski school is shown on the bib (0122/850654)

All baby ski passes are inclusive of insurance.

We recommend that you request insurance for all other types of ski passes

Even if it is not mandatory, the use of the back guard is highly recommended.



Basically the private hours of the Sauze Project ski school depart at the scheduled time at the departure of the Clotes chairlift near the school flag

Meeting points other than the departure of the Clotes chairlift such as the Prariond or Jouvenceaux chairlift, Funny Land, Sportinia area, Clotes chairlift tip, etc. are POSSIBLE. prior agreement exclusively with the secretariat

The appointments other than the departure of Clotes could lead to the delayed start of the lesson due to the need to move the teacher. Since this is a special request, the movement is included in the lesson time and will be recovered only if the master's next program allows it

For private hours it is necessary to use the ski pass except for those scheduled at Funny Land. Beginners can agree with the secretariat or with the teacher to be able to purchase simple ascents so as not to have to do a full-price daily but it must be taken into account that the ascents do NOT include insurance.

The 10-hour prepaid package is seasonal and is valid from the purchase until the end of the season except for the Christmas holiday period (26-06 January 2019) and the two high season Carnival weeks.



It is possible to cancel the private hours exclusively by going PHYSICALLY IN THE OFFICE or CALLING the office within 6.00 pm of the previous day.

Any cancellations communicated to the teacher, via email or social network or in any other way will be CHARGED

The class hours canceled the same day will not be charged only if the office manages to replace them with other requests.

Otherwise they will be counted.



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